Sup Gamers

Let me ask you something...

  • Are you tired of being single and alone?

  • Are you afraid of approaching hot girls during the day?

  • Are you tired of bars and clubs, or mindlessly swiping through dating apps?

Edison here.

And THIS is what I mean...

Day Gameasy

The Ultimate A-Z System

Our comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about Day Game, from A to Z: 

  • A – Approach: Discover the secrets to overcoming approach anxiety, so you can confidently approach women during the day.

  • B – Body Language: Create a powerful first impression with Alpha Body Language.

  • C – Conversation: Become a much better communicator so you can get more girls and more money.

  •  Direct: Convey your intent directly with a man-to-woman frame.

  •  Eye Contact: Create a deep connection and sexual tension with the girl using a strong eye contact, without saying a word.

  • F – Flirting: Apply advanced techniques for flirting and teasing to get the girl hooked instantly.

  • G – Getting Numbers: Learn how to get her number and set up a date seamlessly.

  • H – Handling Objections: Discover the secrets to effectively overcoming any objections.

  • I – Inner Game: Develop a confident mindset of a High Value Man that women love.

  • J – Jokes and Teasing: We'll show you how to use humor to win her over.

  • K – Kino: Master the art of touch to generate physical attraction and escalate the interaction.

  • L – Logistics: Plan and execute the perfect date, from choosing the location to closing the deal.

  • M – Mindset: Cultivate a mindset of abundance and success that attracts women effortlessly.

  • N – Naturalness: Learn how to be your authentic self and let your personality shine through.

  • O – Opener: Get the conversation started like a Boss with our proven openers.

  • P – Presence: Develop a strong and confident presence that makes you stand out from other guys.

  • Q – Qualification: Discover The Boss Game that will get her to chase you.

  • R – Rejection: Rejection is just a natural part of Day Game, and we'll show you how to handle it with ease.

  • S – Sexualization: Learn how to create sexual tension and escalate the interaction to the next level.

  • T – Taking Her Home: Become the closer who gets insane results.

  • U – Understanding: Develop a deep understanding of female psychology so you can meet their needs and desires in an authentic way.

  • V – Vocal Tonality: Learn how to communicate confidently as a High Value Man.

  • W – Wingmen: Get instant access to the exclusive Facebook group with other like-minded wingmen, so you can get a lifetime support.

  • X – X-Factor: Develop the intangible qualities that make you stand out and attract women naturally.

  • Y – Yes Momentum: Discover the secrets to getting her to say yes every single time.

  • Z – Zen: Cultivate a sense of calm and inner peace that makes you attractive and magnetic to women.

Day Gameasy is a proven, step-by-step System that will take your game to a whole new level.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced gamer, our course is designed to put you on the fast track, so you can get the results you want much faster.

You'll Discover:

  • Open

    How to say hi to that cute girl. And finally say bye to approach anxiety.

  • Attract

    You'll never run out of things to say, ever again. And you can get her hooked in 30 sec.

  • Qualify

    You also know how to make her chase you with The Boss Game.

  • Physical

    Now she knows you're The Boss. Time to make a move, the easy way.

  • Instant Date

    Why wait? She wants you now. So take her right then and there... on a date.

  • Texting

    You just got her number. Good, because now you know how to convert it into a date, fast.

  • First Date

    She's been dying to see you again as you can easily set up a perfect date.

  • Pull

    She really wants you. Time to take her home, the easy way.

  • Close

    She just came over. Now what? No worries, we got you covered.

With Day Gameasy

You'll be able to:

  • Become an authentic, confident man

  • Start dating hotter girls anytime, anywhere

  • Start living the dating life you've always wanted

What's Inside?

    1. 0.1 - Welcome

    2. 0.2 - Day Game is The Best

    3. 0.3 - My Day Game Journey

    4. 0.4 - Traits of a High Value Man

    1. 1.1 - 3 Types of Openers

    2. 1.2 - Open Like a Boss with Zero Anxiety

    3. 1.3 - Infield Breakdown on Opening

    1. 2.1 - Why Attraction First

    2. 2.2 - How to be Alpha

    3. 2.3 - Infield Breakdown on Attraction

    1. 3.1 - One Secret to Making Her Want You

    2. 3.2 - The Boss Game

    3. 3.3 - Infield Breakdown on Qualification

    1. 4.1 - The Key to Physicality

    2. 4.2 - How to Turn Her On

    3. 4.3 - Infield Breakdown on Getting Physical

    1. 5.1 - How to Eliminate Flakes

    2. 5.2 - How to Date Girls Now

    3. 5.3 - Infield Breakdown on Instant Dates

    4. Question Game

  • 39 lessons

+ HOURS of Infield Breakdowns

+ Limited Time Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: The Ultimate Texting Guide

    The Easy 7-Step System - Just Copy & Paste to Get a LOT More Dates

  • Bonus 2: Virtual Day Game Bootcamp

    Complete Infield Breakdown with My Bootcamp Client + Powerful Meditation Technique REVEALED

  • Bonus 3: Secret BANNED Footage

    SEXY Model Inviting ME Back to Her Place + Full Uncut Infield on Exactly How to Get HER in BED


Results Speak for Themselves

“When I started back in April, I had the crappiest vibe with negative body language. I wasn’t confident at all and I wasn’t social. Edison inspired me and he corrected certain things – halfway through the last Bootcamp session, I started going berserk. I approached like 30 or 40 sets in 15 mins. Then over the 6 weeks of follow-up, Edison suggested that I should do a 30 Day Challenge, and that was the turning point. I started getting numbers consistently and one of these numbers is from a Filipino girl whom I’m seeing right now. Couple months later, I went on an Instant Date with a Mexican girl and I learned a lesson from that, which would come in handy in the Same Day Lay (with an Eastern European girl) a few weeks after that.”


“I felt like my life was done. I had no girlfriends and no girls around me. But I still want to change myself, because I don’t want to give up. There’s a way to start at least to find a better path for my dating life. I signed up for the Fast Forward Bootcamp because I want to change. So before I took the Bootcamp, I felt like my biggest sticking point was approach anxiety. Edison taught me how to empty my mind, and I felt like I can start – I can just run up to the girls with very least fear. After 3 days of the Bootcamp, I feel like this is completely possible. ”


“I used to game for almost two years by myself, which was very harsh because I didn’t find the right pattern to game. Everyday I’d go home with being super sad – sometimes I even cried which was so weak. And I don’t have a coach who is patient to point out my mistakes, and even spent two hours breaking down my infield footage. During the Bootcamp, the shocking thing is the girls’ reaction to me is totally different from the girls’ reaction before. I’m very happy because I got a lot of results. Gameasy System is very simple and effective. That’s why I strongly recommend you to take the Bootcamp of Edison, because he’s a good coach and very professional.”


“Edison is one of the best coaches I’ve ever met. He teaches me my body language and the things I have to work on to progress better for the next time. I finally got more number closes and 1 instant date after 3 days of the Bootcamp. Looking forward to take his Bootcamp in the future again. Remember, Gameasy.”


“Before the Bootcamp, I wasn’t day gaming at all. I used to go out at night back in India but I didn’t get any results. First of all, I had the Style Makeover by a Specialist, and she is actually a Model. I was super impressed because she knew everything about styling. Once you’re comfortable with yourself with what you’re wearing, you’d feel confident as well. Day 2 was the most fun day because it also included Night Game, as it’s more about proximity and how you convey yourself. Day 3 was pretty solid, I got number and Instagram closes as well. We also did Infield Breakdown which was super important, because you don’t really get to know your sticking points unless you see them.”


“Because of covid, I didn’t really have any social life. After covid, I did start going out to approach people but the social anxiety started to kick in a lot. I realized that I do need some help with it and I signed up for the Fast Forward Bootcamp. In the Style Makeover, they introduced me to a Professional Model and she took me to the shopping centre. I bought some good looking clothes and got a sick haircut. On the second day, we went for Night Game with Edison and an Assistant Coach. I got into multiple sets without anyone pushing me for it. I isolated a set for 30 mins through and that boosted my confidence by a lot which was reflected on Day 3. Now I didn’t have any approach anxiety. I could approach people directly and I closed a couple of numbers and this boosted my morale a lot. I suggest you take the Bootcamp.”


“Participation in Gameasy bootcamp has become my best investment in myself! Thanks to Edison, I was able to change my beliefs and attitudes. He made it so simple and I’m just blown away by the results! (Dima met his first girlfriend from Day Game during the Bootcamp.) Edison has been a great teacher and I look forward to learning more. Now I only regret that I could not join the bootcamp earlier.”


“I’m a 44 year old man and I had a lot of problems with dating, and meeting new people, especially with girls. Now I’m feeling much better, much more natural. I don’t have any approach anxiety. You can trust Gameasy. You can kill your approach anxiety and also have a better dating life. Last 44 years, I’m talking about 12 years living in Canada, I didn’t speak with any random girls, because I had the approach anxiety. But after the 3 day Bootcamp, now I’m feeling so natural, easy, and more confident as a relaxed and more congruent man. That’s why I recommend Gameasy.”


Day Gameasy

The Ultimate A-Z System